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It seems the choice component has changed. It doesn’t display the header from the spreadsheet anymore. This is mainly ideal for when asking multiple questions requiring a dropdown menu. The choice component only displays the answer and not the question- how would the person know the question they are providing the answer for?

Can confirm. Pre-existing Choice components still function and have a label. The new Choice component does not contain a label.

Hi all, I have just come back to Glide after a few months and have been faffing with trying to get a label for the choice component, my earlier apps (built about may) all have labels and still show labels, but I can’t seem to add one with the current setup. I also have a lot of choice pull downs so the label is quite important to differentiate , currently loading the choice with extra information so that users know what pull down is, but not an elegant solution as I want to use Visibility setting based on a previos choice reply, so loading the pull-down means I’ll have to rebuild these if the label choice is to re-appear. Hope it is a bug and will be fixed soon. Am looking forward to playing with Glide again.Kind regards

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Welcome back @Max_Drake. I would think this will be resolved quickly, but in the meantime, you can create a label using the Rich Text component and typing in the text for the heading.

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This will be fixed soon. Apologies.


Hi Jeff,
Lack of familiarity, I was trying to use Basic text but it wasn’t happening. Thanks for the poiner for Rich text, I may use it as a placeholder.
Appreciate the reply, thank you

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This should be fixed now.

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Mark, not sure if this fix introduced a new bug or whether this is has been a bug since the Choice element was changed, but the “Required” option no longer works for the Choice element. Clicking it, brings up the “Required” label over the choice field, but the form isn’t recognizing that field as required. If it’s left blank, even with the “Required” option selected, the form Submit button is clickable. I have a bunch of Choice elements in my app from before this element was changed, and they all still function as before in terms of “Required”, but any new Choice elements I add do not. Can anyone else confirm this as a bug?

Also, did check-boxes and switches never have a “Required” option? Seems odd that they wouldn’t since that’s form data you may need passed (e.g. check boxes for agreeing to terms of service)

This will be fixed tomorrow. Apologies, and thank you for reporting!

Just a quick reply to say the “Required” bug appears to have been squashed. Thanks!