Choice component selection without storing every value in the data table

Is there a way to have a choice component source list not fully stored in the app data table?

My use case is that on profile creation, “student” users should be able to select their university from a choice component. This comes from a public US database and there are about 5,000 options. Currently that component alone is using 5,000 of my 25,000 available rows.

Also, am I understanding correctly that every single user will have that list loaded onto their device upon initial load? Will 5,000 rows of simple text data add much time to the loading time?

Is there any way it can query an outside data source? Because the data set is so large, the user can only make their selection in the choice component utilizing the search option.

Unfortunately, no. Or at least not natively.

More or less, yes. The rows will be loaded the first time that the table they live in is referenced.

Just that on its own, no I wouldn’t expect too much of a delay.

mmm, this is a tricky one. The only thing I can think of would be to take the data and make it available via an API, and then use something like Fetch JSON to dynamically load options - a little bit like address auto-complete. Would be a bit of work to set up, but doable I think.

Somebody else might have a better idea. One thing we have been asking for is the ability to use an array of values as the source of a Choice component. This is good example use case for that.


@Uzo Do you have any thoughts on this?

I wasn’t sure if any principles from your dictionary app could be applied here?

Yep… from my 2 years of experience in that subject… you can easily load up to 2 million rows of options :wink: