Choice Component not syncing to database

You’ve posted about this a few times now. I’m still trying to understand what logic is happening to make the values change once you change the choice selection. You provided the link to your app, but that doesn’t help me much, since I can’t copy the app to see how you have everything set up. A video and especially more information about your app flow would really help.

The only other weird thing I can see is that you are using a swipe layout screen instead of a detail screen. Since it appears that you have disabled any ability to swipe, I can only assume that you have some sort of filters on the screen or something unusual with the swipe layout that’s somehow disconnecting it from the row you are trying to update. I really wouldn’t know without being able to see the inner workings of how you have your app stuctured. If I were you, I would switch all your screens to use the detail layout instead of the swipe layout, since you don’t appear to be using any swipe functionality and you are only using it to get a border around all of the components.

Thinking about it and looking more closely at your screenshots, it’s probably not working because you don’t have a column selected for the ‘Save Last Swipe’ setting. It appears that you aren’t really using the swipe layout as it was intended, so that’s probably what’s causing the issues.

For reference to keep everything together: