Need Help : Choice Component not syncing to database


As pictures below, its work when i am using the preview one.
But when I am using the android or iOS, it is not updated the database.
So that, the charts also not updated.

Here is the link :

Can you provide more information? What’s suppose to make the chart change? What is supposed to be controlled by changing the choice?


Thank you for replying.
At layout , if I change the choice component .
Its work.
the database updated.

If i choose “Machine”
The first chart updated.
and also updated at googlesheet.

If I choose “Rental”
The chart and database updated.

But when I am using apps in android or iOS. it is not captured.

So it is google sheet formulas that make the numbers change? I realize that changing the choice makes the numbers change, but I’m trying to understand how that happens. My only thought right now, based on your screenshots, is that there might be a problem with the ’ * ’ in your column heading. Can you try removing the ’ * ’ to see what happens?


I have change the “Sales Type *” to " Sales Type First" .
The apps not captured. The layout captured.

If you need the link to review there you go.