Choice Component Broken

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Describe the bug:
-On my “Silver USA” and “Silver CAN” pages, clicking selector does nothing. No choice will select. But for some reason it will select on Gold pages??

Expected behavior:
-Selector should select a choice.

How to replicate:
-Press the choice buttons.

Does the choice component on your “Silver” screens have multi-select enabled by any chance?

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Multi Select disabled on both screens. Even more confusing.

Okay, I just saw your other thread.

I suspect the solution here might be to use different values for “Display As” and “Values” in your choice components.

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@Darren_Murphy What are the “display as” and “Values” options. I see them of course, but can you define each?

Display As = Items to show on choice buttons?
Values = Values to write to sheet?

Yes, that’s correct.

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