Currency Filtering Stopped Working

Did you guys release any changes in past 24hr? I have a stable app whose filters have worked for 6mths without issue, are all failing this morning. Nothing has been touched. Trying to filter a currency.

My App/Pages Support link:

Describe the bug:
Glide inline list is not filtering currency items by price.

Expected Behaviour/Replication:
Pressing $100 should only show prices under $100, etc. Search works, price doesn’t. Something changed with currency logic and treatment?

Bump, anything?

I checked filters work on non-currency numbers still, nothing when currency is involved though.

So if you remove the “currency” as the unit for the Price column it works?

Yes, without Currency it works. Comma not affecting it, so it’s the Currency that’s the issue. Seems to be tricking the filter.

Can someone tag the devs to fix currency filtering? You guys created a bunch of bugs on the late Sept release crashing my app.

If you can reproduce it, please submit a ticket here.

It looks like it’s working for me though.


That’s interesting. It didn’t work for me when I tried it last night. I wonder if it’s a regional formatting issue?

@HouseHippo - would you mind explaining what’s going on under the hood here please? Exactly what are the values beings saved by the choice component, how are they formatted, and how is the filtering being applied?

A screen shot or two of the associated Glide Tables would be really helpful.

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@Darren_Murphy and @ThinhDinh

Sorry I dropped off, day got away from me.

Correct, not working. Filter only works on “Silver USA” page (home page), because I removed currency for that page as a bandaid.

All other pages the filter does not work. That’s likely your discrepancy, but please confirm.

So this confirms there’s a bug:

When currency value is present filter does NOT work. It started after Glide did an update around end of Sept.

Under hood: I’m using choice component as a filter. It writes to a dummy, user-specific cell to trigger 1 of 5 inline lists. But, when currency present, none of the inline lists filter correctly, they just “show all”.

@ThinhDinh Will try your Value/Display As fix on this other thread to see if that fixes the choice component failure portion of the issue. Give me a day. lol Thanks as always.