Choice button doesn't change the color

Is anyone with problem with the choice button? They don’t chage color wheu you select them.

I’m not sure what the problem is based on the screenshot. What choice button are you referring to? Or do you mean the switch?

Is the switch button that I mean. When you click them, They don’t change the color and the position of the circle but they are working and do the selection.

Can you show the configuration of those switches, and the columns they are targeted at?

The configurations is a Filter “IN-APP FILTER” and the selection is in the following table

See tha in the screen below I select “Evento para ir com a crianças” (Event to go with children) but the selector didin’t change. Realize tha in the Filter above you can see the white circle showing the same filter was selected.

I think this is a bug. @NoCodeAndy can you help with this, because The switch button in the filter cannot be turned on. Thanks a lot.

You can open a ticket here.

Unfortunately, I’m using the Maker version but I opened a free template in the Glide Library and It’s happen the same.

I opened a free template in Glide Library to veiry if could be something in my app but It’s happening the same.

Yes, this is a bug and we are waiting for them to fix it. I’m experiencing it too.

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So has anyone logged a ticket?

I can’t because I’m using a Maker profile

@NoCodeAndy Here’s a bug report related to boolean columns with in-app filter.

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Thanks for the tag, @ThinhDinh. Escalating. :+1:

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Please, any new about this bug? Becoause I changed the way to filter but it’s not the same. Best regards!

Finally, It’s working now!

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