Checklist component Trigger

Use case :

Teacher goes to class room and tick against the student name to mark their presence.

  • Student Name
  • Present Tickbox

The above I am able to display with CheckList in Layout.
The data is from Student List table.

Now I want to save the data in Attendance Table. with following information.

  • Teacher id
  • Student Name
  • Date & time
  • Present Y/N

I am not able to see any option to exit from Layout.
Can I have a button Component in Layout ?

If it is available, I can think of writing a google script can call that script from button.
Please help.


To display a checklist and a button on the same layout, it would be best to have another sheet with at least on heading to use as a placeholder and for your tab. Display that sheet in the detail layout, and then you can add an inline list and a button on the same screen.

Being able to save the checked items is another issue though. The checkbox will set the column value on the row of the sheet that the inline list is using. Using a form button from there will not easily pull in the checked items and save them to a new sheet. Maybe that is not the intention and you plan to use a script to handle this, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware.