Checkbox Value

Hi there !!
I need help with something that i can’t figure it out.
1ª I have a Data base with all items

  • In my app, when someone choose a type of beverage, a list will appear with that type.
  • Till there is all working.
  • This list is a checkbox list.

I want to get the checked value to my google sheet, where i store the orders from the cliente.
And also to unchecked it after the order been sent.
Is there a way to do it?

Thanks in advance !!

So you want it to happen inside a form or not?

Thanks for the reply ThinhDinh.
I want it to happen after i sent the data form the form.
Is it possible to do it in this two ways (inside or out the form)?

Here’s how I think you can do it outside of a form.

Have a choice component that writes to a user-specific column to store your type of beverage.

From a relation matching that user-specific choice to the types of beverages, show an inline list of the drinks in that list. Get a favorite button for each item.

Create a relation matching the favorite column to itself and return multiple matches, from that relation use a joined list column to take all the items the user has favorited.

Use a form to record that to your Sheet.

Admittedly I don’t know what your order flow is, but that’s what I would advise.

Ok. Thanks for the reply.
I will try that.

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