Add a row from separate data table

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I am trying to configure a custom action that adds a row to a sheet. What I am trying to figure out is how I can write data to the sheet that is not sourced within the page data, but rather from a collection on that page. Sounds confusing but let me try to explain.

There is a page that allows the user to check (with a checkbox) a specific row within a collection. The page itself is a new page ontop of a seperate data sheet. When the user clicks the button, I need the data from the collection that was checked to be sent to a new sheet, but I don’t get the option to choose the collection data to write, instead only the source data.

I know that still sounds confusing so I attached pics.

The first is the page with the checkboxes.

The second is the custom action, but it’s wants me to write the incorrect data to the new sheet.

In the table that is the source of the collection, create an IF column that returns the ID or Name only if the box is checked. Then in the table that your action has access to, create a joined list column that returns the IF column value from your collection table. Then your action will have access to that joined list.

Honestly, a choice component would do the exact same thing without the extra work. Source the choices from your participants table, and have it write the name or ID to a user specific column in the screen’s table. Then your action will see the choice value.

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Thanks, Jeff!

I will give this a try today.

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