Checkbox/switch enhancement request

Would anyone want a checkbox/switch enhancement?

I usually face the situation that when I collect “preferences” from users, they want a checkbox/switch style but the only supported value is True/False. To show the right preference content to users I have to make multiple columns in an array column style to take the “text” value back, then make appropriate relations.

It would be nice if we can specify the “True” and “False” value, so let’s say when I check a “Music” preference, it would write Music to the data instead of True.


That’s a cool idea!

I also have a switch/checkbox suggestion ---- have it completely left out of the sheet (as an option). Sometimes I just want to use a checkbox to show/hide a field or group of fields and the checkbox value has zero meaning in the sheet. It would be great to be able to use checkboxes or switches as independent fields simply used to show or hide other fields (like an accordion-style component that just shows or hides other field without writing anything back to the sheet).



you can do it in GS very easy, let me find my last example with this trick to help you.

A screenshot will help you to understand my idea.


Here you can read my idea in an old post months ago:



Ahhh that’s genius. Gotta try it tomorrow. Thanks for the idea man, have a nice Sunday!

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Mission accomplished, thanks a lot!

Edit: Ah actually premature celebration, when I checked the checkbox it actually puts TRUE to the cell instead of my value, so it doesn’t work :frowning_face:

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What a sheet!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I saw the problem: a forced value written from an external source (Glide) destroys the cell validation!

I used to use it working with manual inputs but haven’t tested with all scenarios.

It’s a shame, the trick looked great!

Bye @ThinhDinh

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