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I have a app with a table “contact persons” that is accessible for our sales representatives to look up the applicable data. Now, someone in the table “contact persons” is not necessarily a user existing in the “user table” of the app but if so; they have the same email address on the basis of which there is then a relationship with the user table.

My challenge:
In the contact details view I want to be able to let our sales representatives know (with a “Hint”) whether the relevant contact person is also a user (whether the email address also occurs in the user table), but this does not seem possible.

My question:
Does anyone of you know a solution or a workaround to check in a specific table based on an email address whether that email address occurs in the user table? By the way, I use Glide tables.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Ronald Klop

Create a relation column linking the contact email to the user email in the user table. Then create a hint component and set it’s visibility so it only visible if the relation is empty or not empty.

Yes I thought so too. But that only works if the logged-in user looks at the data himself. Not if another user (sales representative) looks at the customer card.

The only way it would not work is if you have Row Owners enabled in the User table. Do you have row owners enabled?

Hi Jeff, Thank youfor your time and reply!

No, I don’t have “Row Owners” enabled in the User table.

I do understand your solution. There is a relationship between the “Contact persons table” and the “User Table” (based on the email address) and I also see that in my table. And yet it fails to display the “Hint” if the contact does not have a User account based on whether or not that relationship exists.

The “Hint” is simply always displayed as soon as the Signed in User is not the same as the one looking at the Contact details page.

It’s a mystery to me…

Can you show how your visibility condition is configured?

Show component if

Colomn in contactperson table >> “Relation to User (table) email id”

In my data i can see there is a match… and still the hint is showing.

And you are absolutely positive that you are not using Row Owners anywhere? Are any rows in your user table greyed out?

The data editor is not always an accurate representation of what the app will have access to when it comes to Row Owners. Sometimes relations may appear to be populated when in reality they are not on the app side.

My only other thought is that maybe you are using user specific columns in some way, but it’s hard to say for sure.

Screenshots or a video would really be beneficial. Many times we can see things in those screenshots and videos that you wouldn’t have thought would be a problem. I use the snipping tool on Windows, which let’s you select the only part of the screen you want to share. It’s also really easy to redact personal information you don’t want to share. I’m sure Apple has a similar feature.

Mostly, I’m curious about the visibility condition, the relation, and the email columns in each table. Mainly how they are all configured. I’m sure we are missing something small, but I can only guess without actually seeing it myself.

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Wow! You are absolutely right! The email column is (was) listed as “row owner” and I have absolutely no idea when that happened and then completely overlooked it.

My apologies for wasting your time and thank you so much for your patience and help.

Sincerely, Ronald

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