How do I detect a data is not existed in a child row?

So, I have this table:

  • Syirkah
  • User
  • Syirkah User obviously consisting of rowid syirkah + rowid user

And I have this button:

This button should only be visible if current User is not there in Syirkah User table… I kinda stuck since like ever in this step.

Any suggestion?

In this screen I am in detail of Syirkah: so rowid syirkah is available in screen

Thank you in advance!

Create a relation from the User table to the Syirkah User table. Add a visibility condition so that the button only shows up when User Profile > Relation is not empty.

Ow yeah! Let me check that! Thanks!

Okay, that works! Thank you so much!

But what if I want to also check whether THIS user support THIS syirkah?
So, it requires two column? From user profile I only able to create relation using only one column … right? Or … is it?

You’d need to create a conditional relation.

Something like this:

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Copying the video here since that thread is only visible for Certified Experts.