Charts help - rows added to bottom of sheet

Looking for some advice on using Charts. I have everything working well for my current data, but when something is added in Glide, it gets added to the last row of the spreadsheet. From what I can tell in Google Charts, the Data Range can’t be just “C:C” to get the full column C, for example, but rather has to be a set range (which can only include “valid” cells that already exist) like C1:C1000. Even if I add 1000 rows to my sheet, my Chart can only using C1:C1000 as the Data Range. When a new item is added in Glide, it gets added to the bottom of the sheet and creates row 1001, which means my Chart is now not updating based on new data.

Anyone experience this and have any advice?! Thank you

I would duplicate the data into a new sheet. Glide will fill the first sheet and the second sheet can be hard set to 1000 rows. The date will just float within that 1000 rows and you don’t have to worry about arrayformulas getting in the way.

This is great. Much appreciated and so simple.

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