Chart in a tab

Hi folks!

I’m really amazed with this new handy tool to create mobile apps.

I’m trying to create a tab with a chart in it but I’m only available to add chart component in a detail page and not in the main page of a tab.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.


You’re doing it correctly. Choose a details view and then add components to it as needed. If you want to include a List View (or other layout) under or above your Chart, add an Inline List component to the Details view.

If you pick a layout other than Details View, it only has that layout on it and you can’t add separate components above/under the list.

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Thanks so much for your answer.

I still don’t understand the reason why it’s not possible to ad a chart in the main view of a tab, as the data graph which I would like to show in he tab is a global view and not related to a unique item of the sheet.

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Hello! It definitely IS still the main view. Details View of a tab, is not the same as details view of an item (such as an inline list item). I hope that makes sense!

Your inline list can point to a full sheet, or a relation that displays a subset of a sheet based on conditions, etc.

I think what you’re thinking you should see is a “Charts” layout option, which doesn’t exist. If you want a tab with just a Chart display on it, go Details view, clear out all the fields, and select the Chart component and point it to the sheet you want to display data for.


I got it! I selected “Details” as the layout for the tab and then I deleted al data components and added a graph component! Great!!! Thanks for your help.