Components in layout and individualization of sub pages

Hi Glide team and community!

Finally getting my hands on this too. Been trying to make myself a simple personal expense tracking app with an overview of how much spent per month and on what categories.

Here’s a pic of the log

  1. wasn’t it possible to add components on the main page of a tab? seems like it’s only predefined styles, like calendar, compact list, …
  2. for calendar: somehow possible to remove the exact time and rather add another data point?

As mentioned before, also looking into how much goes into each category. Couldn’t figure out a neat way to visualize that yet. Here’s what I currently have

3) again the issue with no components on the main tab page. hence I did an “overview” category just to get a pie chart (how do i get percentages to work?)
4) within a subpage/specific category I would ideally a) not always see the pie chart and b) be able to only see the items for a specific category. Only way would be to make another sheet in Google Sheets for each category I guess? Seems definitely not ideal:)

Anyone has an idea how to go about the issues (or has information about the components if they got removed/will be back?).

Thank you for the help and greetings from Berlin,

PS: Getting further than I ever did now, great work Glide Team, pretty powerful (i know, late to the party;)

adding a screenshot for the 4th point

Help on #1 - Choose Details - then you can add all the other ones individually.
(I usually just do Details, even if I am going to just put ONE component on the page (may want that space later)

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Insight on #2 - I think the time is there for the time being.
No way to take it off at this point.
I am sure it is in the pipeline (probably somewhere in Feature Requests.)

Yes, thank you Spencer! (and classic that I didn’t see it)

I know nothing about the charts (no experience (yet))

But you CAN filter the data by choosing the Features tab (upper left-beside Layout


I think I am currently at the end of my knowledge on this post :slight_smile: .

But, you are smart to just START building the app and then get some specific questions.

Any more? Just ask! (Although you will find out that some of the ??? may already be answered!)

Thank you. Yes, know about the Feature tab and filtering data app. However the filter applies to every page, meaning if i filter by “only show logs of coffee expenses” it would apply this filter also on the sub page of “delivery” or other categories.
Haven’t seen an option besides making individual tabs in Google Sheets and then linking those vs working with filters.

Thanks again!

  1. solved by Spencer => Choose details and then customize
  2. guess not possible
  3. solved with Spencer: just adding a pie chart component
  4. solved: found a similar example here and the person used Relations in Database to then only list the item associated to a certain category