Changing my gmail account name

My app’s URL:

I created a google account for the developer that helped me build the app. I would like to change that email address back to my company’s email. The both ar gmail accounts but my account is a paid g-suite and the other is a free gmail email.

Thank you.

Hey @Peter_Burge

Take a look in @Deena suggestion in this post. Maybe help you

I created the gmail account for them. But I want to change the ownership of the datasheet to my paid gmail account ( and then use my peerhear account to act as my glideapps account. When I click on the M (the first letter of the gmail account I made for the glide developer) I can’t change the account prefs .

I’ve still got all my data - just want to change to my own email address is all

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To the best of my knowledge, you can’t change email addresses but you can make yourself the owner of the data. Best option if you want to be sure is to contact support from the paid account. Good luck!

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