Change Worksheet for an App

Replacing data source on an app. It is an identical google sheet. Same Worksheets, same column headers, same data. Just that one has one worksheet created by jotform integration so jotform can write new rows. All data then copied in and extra columns added so it is an 100% exact copy of original sheet.

When I replace the data source it says three of the columns are missing (they are not) and they are no drama to re-add so I select the remove features option to complete replacement. When the app re-opens the replacement has happened but there are no fields at all on the app anymore.

Thought this was the whole reason for the replace capability?

If I change the data source back the app is still there.

How do I do the replace so the app is now available on the new worksheet.

Interestingly the other worksheet that has screens is working fine.

Just a few tips…

Always duplicate your app first

Be cautious with remove features and sync

You could probably use ‘find all uses’ to trace the flow of the columns and replace with new ones

Did that. But still same problem