Change in documentation?

Can we Please verify if the documentation is still valid?
Support is just trying to convince me that we should not use this…

Can you tell us what support said regarding this?

Hi there this it the first response:

I noticed that you are using an Edit form to get information on the Topic table. The Edit form will only add data when edited. In this case, you are editing the comment. The data shows up, but you are not editing the email or the date.

You can do this by using set value action on submit. I have made a video for you to see how to do it.

That’s weird. The on submit action would definitely work, but I thought special values would have worked the same way.

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We have many apps using this approach… as of feb 10 or 20 it stoped working…

I think I disagree with @SantiagoPerez here. I think this is a bug. I usually avoid On Submit if at all possible for various reasons. If the special value components are available to choose from in an Edit form, then there should be no reason why they shouldn’t work to update the column values when the edit form is submitted. They have definitely worked in the past. This is actually quite concerning as several people use the special value components, including myself, and I have usually discouraged using On Submit if it’s not needed.

I think I need to check my data to make sure I’m not missing anything. I don’t think I use those components on edit, but I’ll have to double check my projects.


Thanks for sharing, I can not describe how unexpected and concerning this is to us…