Cash register calculator for Cambodia USD,RIEL


Completely new to this with coding and Glide. But I really want to start creating and coding. For my first project I have taken on a smart calculator while I’m here in Cambodia. Here they use 2 currencies and when you are standing at the cash register you want to calculate fast how much customers should get back. I have with help of chat gpt coded a little bit. Right now it kind of works in google sheets. I hope I can share it here so you can see. I have a hard time importing this script to glide to make it an easy to use app.

The idea is.

All the prices on our menu is in USD. You can then pay with both USD or Riel. Mostly people on this small island have Riel. So 1 USD is 4000 Riel. And to calculate fast I need to have the following.

Total bill in USD
Amount Given in USD
Amount Given in Riel

change in riel
change in usd

This is the ruff sketch of the different text boxes I need. Then I want it to look good and should be easy to use with simple buttons. In the future I want to add more function as the time goes on.

Hope someone have a good idea about this and how I can go forward. I need help to get going because I have no idea to make this idea to a reality.

Thanks for your time.

Picture of excel

Hello Pat, welcome to Glide and the community forum.

Your project is a great way to discover Glide. Here’s what I would recommend:

  • Create a team on a Free plan.
  • Start doing all of your work in Glide’s builder. There you will be able to work with data in the Data Editor and dedicated Glide Tables, automate actions in the Action Editor, and display data in the Layout Editor.
  • You don’t seem to have much in Google Sheets, but move or rebuild what you have in a Glide Table in the data editor.
  • In short, you app is a calculator. For this, create a table called Calculator. Add a basic number columns as needed and make these basic columns user-specific.
  • Create computed math columns as needed. The math is the same is in Google Sheets.
  • Build screens in the layout editor with components that write to the basic user-specific columns, and display the results of the math columns with text or big number components.

This should be enough information to get you started. It’s a very nice project!


Thanks for the fast answer. But I think I will need a colaboration with someone that could show me step by step. So much to learn and no clue where to start.

Is there somewhere I could look at examples somewhere?

Ideas to get started:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Glide on Glide Docs
  • Browse Glide’s template gallery and find a template similar to your project. Either build your project from that template or learn from how the template is built.
  • Find videos on Glide University
  • Browse the Youtube channels of Bob, Darren, Marco and some others, and find videos that might cover your use case
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I got it to work kinda like I want after a few hours. Thanks for the help.

Here is the link:

But now I need a reset button at the bottom to clear the fields. How do I create this?


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You’ll want to add a Set Column action to you reset button and set up the action to clear the appropriate values.

I also noticed that I can see your same entered values, so I recommend creating user specific columns and use them instead for your entry values. That way multiple people can use your app without overwriting each other.

Ok, I will try to set the column action. Last time I did It I deleted all data :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I noticed that everything happens on every device used. How do I create user specific columns?


I think I manage to get everything to work now. Is there anything else that would be good to do that I haven’t thought about?

I’m not sure why you are using input components for the below?

Those two are the results of your calculations, right?
You should use regular text components to display the results.
Or perhaps a hint component.

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Oh yea that’s true. I will try to change that then. Because that never needs to be filled. Just displaying numbers. Thanks!


Thanks everyone for the help. It’s up and running now and works fine. I’m sure there is ways to tweak it a little bit more to make it better. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Here is the link:


I see you added a button block, but it appears that the buttons don’t do anything except show a notification? Maybe you were experimenting and forgot to remove them?

Ways you could jazz it up a bit (and learn some more at the same time):

  • Add a Container, and move all your components inside it. Then experiment with different container styles, image backgrounds, etc.
  • Have a play with Big Numbers. They might be good for displaying your results
  • Add a Title component to the top of the screen, and experiment with different styles and settings.

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