Managing multiple currencies

Hello there,

New here, be patient with me.

I’m playing around with Glide Pages > Creating an ERP to manage client orders.
Orders must be recorded in multiple currencies based on the client’s currency.
I noticed the “Units” field exists in number entries, but I would like that to be a “dynamic unit” that changes based on the Client’s assigned currency.
Is it possible to manage it from there, or is there a better way to deal with this kind of situation?


I think what you can do is:

  • Record it originally in the same currency (let’s say USD)
  • Have a table of conversion rates from USD to other currencies
  • In the Users table, record the user’s currency, create a relation from that column to the conversion rates table, and lookup the conversion rate
  • Back to the orders table, create a math column with the formula being: Original order amount (in USD) * Conversion rate
  • Create a template column joining the result above with the user’s currency

At the moment, it’s not possible to have a dynamic unit.


I will give it a try like this.
Regarding the dynamic unit, do you think it would be possible to use a Google Sheet table using a formula there to pull the most recent exchange rate?
Yet, when a “transaction is made,” it would be recorded with the current exchange rate and, therefore, not affected by the dynamic value anymore.

record that rate at the moment of transaction… =GOOGLEFINANCE("Currency:USDGBP")

Good point, I think you can write the exchange rate at that specific point of submission to the orders table and use that for calculating the final price.

For getting the exchange rates, if you’re using Google Sheets you can do it like Uzo said. Or do you use Glide Tables?

I’m using Glide Tables right now, but I thought that for the currency exchange, I could use a single google sheet table (not sure if possible)

Should be possible. The only thing you would probably need out of a google sheet is the conversion rate. Once you have that rate for each currency, then you should be able to bring that value into a glide table or any other table for that matter and set your math column to use that rate for further calculations.