Currency conversion

Dear Comumunity:

I need help whit this:

I have in my table a list of products which have a price for each row. How I can automatically convert the price to a specific currency without having to write that value in each row each time it is updated.

Does it have to follow a live conversation rate? Do you have a table with the live conversation rate?

Hi, thanks for ask. No i dont have a table whit the conversion. I try a lookup to a table whit just one row, so when update it. Tje rows work but when a made the math for column just show the same result, i presume its because its just a only one rows and it need to know the rest of values of the rest of rows. So its the same to change the value in all rows.

Do you always convert between the same currencies?

yes i do this video and in the end i make an error because the math must be Precio / Valor UF and put X but i think you maybe see better the problem. The Value UF change every day and i dont have a problem change it but just one time and no for each rows. I uploading the video

Here is Currency UF Glide - YouTube and the capture show the error whit the division just show one row

A couple of things I noticed in your video:

  • You mentioned that your math should be a division instead of multiplication…but just so you know, the proper way to do multiplication is to use ‘*’, not ‘x’. Since you used an ‘x’, it only saw one replacement values instead of two.
  • The second thing I noticed is that your Lookup columns is an array. Mainly, that’s because you are pointing it to an entire table. If that table had multiple rows, it would be an array of multiple values. A Lookup column will be an array unless you source it from a single relation. In that case the Lookup column would be a single value. In your particular case, I think a Single Value column would work better, as the value would be a single value instead of an array.

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