Anyone i need to build an app converter currency

can some one help me for data editor and formula please?

Do you have some sample data, and your desired result?

but i don’t know how to do next

You need to explain what it is that you want to do. I can’t read your mind.

sorry i need to made about currency converter and i don’t know about formula .

Yes, I understand that much. But formula for what?

Looking at your App, it looks like you already have a formula to convert between currencies - so are you looking for something else?

What are the inputs to your formula, and what are the expected outputs?

i try many time but the currency it’s not work
when i input amount of money and then choose rate form country then not work
and when i change currency national it’s replace to that data

Can you show me what you have that’s not working please?

Show me the data you are using, and the formulas that you have tried.

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You need to use the app with user login.

Whenever an app does not have any user login, it will automatically use ROW1. So if more than user opens the app, there will be conflicts.

As for your formulas, its the same, its currently overriding ROW1.

Google Sheet alone is not enough.

You need to use Glide Table with a column that is User Specific to change the values for them.


Thank you so much Bro.

i don’t know exactly because i’m copy template from Currency template but when i try to do
it’s my value lost since i put about rate amount for change in currency.
just i trying over 24 hrs. and i don’t know.
May be i w’ll do later

thank you for help Bro!