Buy Button Support for non-USD (AUD) currencies, when?

Hi @Mark @david apologies for tagging you directly on this and I have read on other threads (approx a month old now) that this key feature is on your short-term roadmap.

Having presented a concept app to a client, I obtained approval (in principal) to proceed and developed the full functionality as it was discussed. However, as you would appreciate they do have real concerns about the ability to handle payment processing in AUD.

I’d prefer to steer away from “workarounds” (I haven’t read on this forum that this has actually been achieved via workarounds) and use the Glide-supported process to manage this.

I’d like to know (as well as many others on this forum I’m sure) the update on this key feature?

appreciate your response.

We will support this soon, most likely within the next two weeks.

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Excellent - thanks for your response! :slight_smile:

We just shipped this.


Thank you! I will test it out today :slight_smile: