Cant solve a problem

I have a table with projects and another with contacts.
Each project can have one or more contacts.
So, I created a contact sheet (IDFiche, IDProject, IDContact).
When I access the project sheet, I want to display the contact(s) related to this project, but I can only display the IDs and cannot find out how to add the contacts linked to the project.

You can use filters on your collection components by setting: IDProject is screen > IDProject.

Already done… but i can t access to fields (name, function, company…)

What do you mean? Isn’t your collection able to display contact data related to your project? If you click on your collection you can create further details in your contact sheet.

I create my table like this

Table Projet : IDProjet , ProjetName, Etc
Table contact : IDContact, Name, etc…
FicheContact : IDFIche, IDProjet, IDContact

In Red : it s Fiche Contact data with filter IDProjet = Screen.IDprojet

I don t find a way to show contacts data directely on this page… i miss something

Add a relation column that matches the ContactID with the same value in your Contacts table, then use lookups through that relation to pull in the values that you need for display.