Display multiple projects on user profile

I built an employee directory for a remote team, and I want users to add the projects they are currently working on so that others can filter the employees by project. I included choice buttons in the sign up form with the project list (stored project list in an extra sheet). Some people are working on up to 5 different projects. On their profile I’d like to display these projects as an inline list, and when you click on an item, it should take you to a short description, website and list of other team members working on the same project. I set up columns on the project sheet for each category. At the moment it displays ALL the projects listed in my project list, not just the ones the user is working on. Under options, I tried to set up a filter, but when TEAM includes User>NAME, it will only show me the project of the person looking at the profile (basically looking at my own projects), not the other user’s projects that I actually want to display. Also I would have to manually add the team members to my project list in a new column. I’d rather use the data from the Staff sheet retrieved when they sign up. How can I solve this?


For the “Project”:
Has your “Project” sheet a special value field “User’s email” (to be included in the form where people create the project, so as to automatically bring the email of the person creating the project)?

If yes, would it work if you build:

  • a relation between the “Users” sheet and the “Project” sheet
  • then an inline list on this relation?

For the Team:
Do you have a common column between the “User” sheet and the “Staff” sheet, for example, “Company”? If yes, you should be able to apply the same principle.

No, I set up a project list to include it as a choice into the user sign up form. Users are not supposed to create own projects, they just select from my list. Team is only a column I added to the project sheet because I couldn’t figure out how to link it to my staff/user sheet which contains the user profiles. :sweat_smile: There are no common columns yet between project sheet and user sheet. The project sheet just contains project title, description, and team. Some teams are pretty big with up to 60 members.

I found a solution!

Here it is.