User Profile in a Timesheet App

I’m building a timesheet app. The projects show as a choice component. But I’d like to have the choice be dynamic and dependent on the user logged in. So for e.g. if user A is assigned to Project 1,2,3 and user B is assigned to Project 1 then the choice component should show 1,2,3 when signed in user is A and only show project 1 when signed in user is B. How do I do this with user profile setup?

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Create a relation to link the user email to the email in the project sheet. Then set the relation as the source for the choices.

I’ve done that. But the relation doesn’t show up as an option in the dropdown where I can select the sources for the choice component. Seemed rather odd unless its tripping because the relation is sitting in a wrong sheet.

Is it a multiple relation?

Otherwise I would create a template column with the user profile email address on whichever sheet you are using for your tab. Then use that column for a relation to use for the choice component.

it is a multiple relation. there are several individuals assigned to a project.

Can you show any screenshots of your relation settings and what shows for the choice component sheet sources?

Check out this template —

It’s what I call the “basic” version, but I built another advanced version with support for multiple positions and multiple departments (for my organization, a doctor could work in multiple departments, so I needed the ability for several choice components). Each choice is then used to check for previous submissions of the same job+department combination and prevents the user from submitting a time sheet for the same pay period twice for the same job+dept combo.

The time sheet itself only shows the user jobs and departments they’ve added to their profile.

If you’re interested, send me a PM and we can discuss further. The advanced version isn’t in the template store because the highest available price choice is $99 and I felt the work that went into the advanced app was worth more so I haven’t submitted it as a template (yet).

I also spoke a bit about how I did this in my app here: 🙋‍♀️ User Profile columns in conditions and columns

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