CANNOT: Relate Existing (or) Ad New

Simple Scenario: Let’s assume there are 3 modules: Contacts, Projects, and Interactions.

Imagine you’re viewing a Contact Detail Screen.

At the bottom of this screen, there’s a “RELATED” container with two related lists for the contact: Projects and Interactions.

The desired functionality is that, from this detail screen, a user should be able to from the related list below either “A) Create a new Project or Interaction”, or “B) Select an existing record to associate with the contact”, which will then appear in the related list instantly.

Creating new records with A) is straightforward. However, associating existing records B) is more complex.

For option B, a choice field could be used for an association, but this would result in both the choice field and the related collection being visible. An alternative solution was attempted by adding a “+Select Existing” button next to the “+Create Project” button, intending to use a form route with a single drop-down to act as a popup. However, this doesn’t work as it tries to create a new record instead.

In summary, when viewing a contact’s detail screen, users should have the ability to easily create new or add existing related module entries by selecting an existing entry from the related module, which would then instantly appear in the record detail related list.

HOW IS THIS DONE? Stacker does this behavior out of the box with related list…FYI


From what I understand, a contact can have many projects and interactions, but it the opposite true? Can a project or interaction have multiple contacts?

If they can have only one contact, it can be done easily.

If they can have more than one contact it’s doable, but there a few more steps.

In your projects and interactions tab you should have:

  • One columns with the contactS separated by a comma
  • One columns (split columns) splitting the contacts lists. This columns will be used for filtering on your details screen.

To add or remove contacts from this list you can use the Trebuchet Method. Here is a great video made by Robert Petitto.

Hope it helps

this is not what i am asking lol

Then maybe try to be more specific or at least answer to those who took the time and tried to help you?

Sorry, my friend. I wasn’t laughing at you…just giggling a bit at the overall questions cause its a different concept. Sorry again.

I would encourage you to re-read what I asked a few more times to gain a proper understanding of the question.