Can't seem to get button to open a new link

I can’t seem to figure out how to do a simple task of getting the button to open an external link (to a @buymeacoffee link) rather than link to another cell in the data sheet.

What’s the url in the cell?

@Euwyn_Goh I believe this is down to you not having an URL in the cell that you are trying to use as your button reference cell!

Thanks everyone. That’s correct, seems like it only works when I manually add the URL in the link:

However is there a functionality/formula to make it so that whenever a user adds an item, this link automatically copies down in this column so the button still works in the user-added item?

The Template column will replicate text to every row, you can add it in the data editor.

Is it any way to make a button with an external link without making a column?
I need to make a button (link) on many tabs and do not want to make columns on every tab.
The only way I found is to make a “Rich text” but it does not look good and I can not use html/css to make it look better :frowning:

I can’t think of a way to do this without a column since most components are data driven. I would suggest either a template column on each sheet that’s populated with the url, or put a url in the first data row of separate sheet and then put a single value column on each sheet, which will pull the url from the sheet that contains the url. It’s one location and helps keep everything synced on all other sheets if you change the url.

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