Can't save changes to Glide Table dataset

This may sound really stupid for experienced users but I haven’t managed to solve it.

My changes aren’t saved on the dataset

I enter my app, add something, close the app aftear a reasonable amount of time (around a minute) and then the data is not there when I reopen it.
I tried to troubleshoot this myself with no luck.
I use row owners and I have a users table.
Each user can see it’s own data, but that’s it.
I though this was a problem related to the usage of plugins, but replaced those with math columns and it’s still not working.

Two extra weird things:

  • The records I want to add have two datetime columns. When I add a row via the editor and I go to the table, just those two fields are not saved to the dataset while other fields that are numbers are “saved”. If I refresh the editor, the row disappears.
  • While those two are not on the dataset/backend/glide_table, the app UI show the new row fine (unless I refresh the page, similar to what happens on mobile) and even computed columns that depend on those datetime columns are calculated on the UI, but not the backend

Any help is really appreciated

Please try duplicating the app to see if the problem persists. If you can reproduce the problem in a video that would be great.