Can't save a form or add images

I have a simple list app, it used to work fine. Now I can see all items, delete some, but cannot add. When I click the ‘+’ button a form opens where I can insert all data, but the ‘✓’ button is grayed out. Further, I have an image field that is not responsive (that is, clicking the camera button doesn’t do anything).

In the app editor everything looks fine, can’t find any condition or anything that should prevent to save the form (other than required fields that are all filled)

The data is in Google Sheets and I’m logged in there and can edit the sheet directly. I’m logged in with the same user to the app.

Bummer. That doesn’t sound right. Can you send a video?

Yes @iamtomgray , here

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It should be fixed by Wednesday. Apologies.


Doesn’t seem to be fixed