Adding members to a list

I have a “Members” google sheet setup, and I want the Glide app to allow perspective members to add their contact info.

I have LIST selected, and I added the “ADD FORM” or the Plus to the app, and I made sure that the tab was pointing to the proper google sheet.

I opened the app on my phone and tried to enter some data and it saved on my Phone, but the data did NOT save to the sheet.

I know Im missing something simple, but maybe someone can help me.


Does it show in the data editor in the builder? Did you check the very bottom of the google sheet? Are you using array formulas?

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When I click on the PLUS at the top right of the screen, on the left there are fields for entry.

I scrolled the whole Google sheet and do not see the data.

I am NOT using any formulas at this time, Im not smart enough yet! HAHA

did you scroll all the way down to the 1001 row?

Do you see the data in the glide data editor?

Yes, down to 3000

if you could make screenshot of the Glide editor?

No, not in the Glide data nor the google sheet, but it did retain in my iPhone app which is weird.

are the columns you are writing to…are user specific ? with the blue icon?

I dont think so, they are just name, phone and email

but the icon next to the column in glide editor (not in Google Sheet) title is blue or white?

Hey guys,

The forum blocked @Terrell_Flying_Club for 24 hours.

We already fixed the problem.


why did they block hem ?

What was the problem?


The form wasn’t sending the info to the sheet because he had a text entry component with a Max Length of -1.

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Hmm, that’s a new one. Thanks for the heads up.

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but why did they block hem?

New users have restrictions on how often they can post.

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that sucks! specially if they are in the middle of solving a problem…