-Upload picture recurrent bug-

Hello dear Gliders :wink:

Anyone with the same issue?
Making any form with picture upload unusable.

Probable related factors: multitasking, interruption of form to take screenshots out of app, opening of phone library…

The device shown here is an iphone with IOS >16.0 but it happens to all my users and in different form. (form screen or custom add a row screen)

Thanks for your answer!

I experience this, often. To fix this I will close the app and reload it. And it works after the refresh. It would be confusing for users of the app for sure.

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Yes, it’s creating huge friction and negative reinforcement in a behavior we need…
Especially problematic in a “listing” app, as it’s often crowdsourced…

We lost our first client because of this bug… :confused:
Saying the employee will lose too much energy trying to add data (supplier listing and review).

Please submit a ticket here.


Also, you can use Loom for recording videos. We will be able to play it on the browser instead of downloading the file. Thank you!

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