Issues with Uploading images

Hi all,

Is there anyone here facing the images upload using an iPhone.

The issue with my app is at first users can upload the images normally, but then the upload button is frozen and not allow the user to take another picture.

The only way to get it works as usual is to close the app and open again.

Sometimes, this issue happens quite often and sometimes it works ok.

Many users have complained about the issues and I even test myself and encountered the same issues.

I have contacted the support but they are not able to replicate the issue yet due to its nature.

If anyone can shed me some light regarding this issue, it would be much appreciated.

I have inserted the google link for the issue so you can understand more.

Thank you.

I can’t find the thread, but I believe people did talk about this in the past. One of our clients reported the same thing last year, but ultimately we can’t find the root cause.

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