Can't get to a tab in app

My app’s URL:

Hi. I’ve just finished two apps in the same spreadsheet. But can’t get a simple Profil Tab to work properly. This is what happens:

  1. I build it in the IDE and it works beautifully.
  2. I lleave the IDE to dashboard and go back to Edit the same app
  3. When I click to open this profile tab, everything crashes into a completely empty screen. Not just in the “mobile” interface. Everything, nothing more the IDE. -> Same happens in a smartphone using the app
  4. I need to refresh the browser, wich leads me back to dashboard. I can edit de app, but never click to open that damned tab.

Justo need to solve this to release the app to my users. By the way, it’s a tool to help professionals in a barber shop during this Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks for your help!

Some new info…
If I enter IDE to edit my app and go to Data, the sheet wich relates do the problematic tab stays blank, I mean, no rows. If I get back to Layout and click the link to tab, the error happens.

BUT, if in Data, I select other spreadsheet and then back, rows are retrieved and now I can click the link to tab and it works!

It seems there’s some issues to get the data in this sheet, which has only 21 rows.

We’ll fix this. Thank you for reporting it!

Oh, great! I was going crazy looking for something I could have done wrong. Thank you, Mark!

Nothing you do should ever lead to Glide crashing.

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