Can't find add button in CRM template?


In the demo CRM template there is an Add button in list view, but after copying the template mine does not have that button. I am a newbie, please advise, thanks.

What type of button? I guess the easiest way would be to add it again, but before that, have you checked that you are viewing as the correct person? Maybe the button has a visibility condition…

The plus sign button that can add new entries to the list…

It’s the button here right?

Can you try checking in the inline list component > add form that it is enabled in your copy or if there are any conditions?

It says right now only detailed view has component options.


I mean in non-details view you will see something like this.


Can you check the conditions for the “Add form” part?

I think my problem is, I just copied the Simple CRM template, my screen is totally different from the ones you show or from the tutorial

Did you click on 'Inline List’s in the lower left panel, then see the tabs in the upp right panel? By clicking on 'Inline List’s you should see the option to turn on 'Add Form’s at the top right of the screen.

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