Empty related colum

I have a related column in my tab.
With a new user there are no related records.

I added a related list to my detail view. The list is nit visible.

Is it possible that the list show an add button if there is no related record?

If there is one related record I cant add another on because the list switch to the detail view. Is it possible thet the list switch to the overview even ther is just one related tecord?

Thr target is to create all related records from the detail view.
At the moment I use an extra tab view.

You can certainly show an Add Button when the list is empty by using Visibility based on “relation is empty”. However I’m not sure I understand the 2nd part of your question.

Thanks for your answer.

And what action needs the button?

This is a related list with two items:

When I click on it I can add a new item.

When I have a related list with one item:

I jump into the detail view of this item and cant add a new one.

I woud prefere to jump to the iew with the plus sign.

yea, this is what happens when there is only 1 item in the list, the view is changing.
i dont like that too.
you can change list to cards, it will not change.

I’m not a big fan of the List Relation component due to it’s limitations. I don’t think a lot of people use it either, so it hasn’t received a lot of attention with updates. I would suggest using an inline list instead, along with a form button for adding records to the related sheet. Another option is a Link To Screen (This Item) button, which takes you to the same parent row, but with a fresh screen in Details view, where you can add an inline list and form button. In my opinion, a Form Button for adding records is a lot more flexible than the Add button and plus with the new floating buttons, it looks a lot better.


Thank you Jeff for your great answer. The combination of inline List and form button is realy nice.

I have this datamodel at the moment to connect payment methods and sale points.


Here is the Sale point Payment methods tab.

I try to filter the List of possible payment methods to show only these that are not selected already.

In this example only EC-Karte and PayPal shoud be listed.

Is this possible?

I agree with Jeff…I don’t like the list relation nor the relation components…I’d rather just use a button or an inline list. However, if I need to display a relation without an inline list, I’ll often use a basic table.

Just wish I could change the noun from “item” to really anything else.


Thanks for all your help. I found a solution to remove the add button when no payment method is left . I need some time to figure it out but now the choice box shows only the options that not added. Great.

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