Can't Delete an App

Trying to delete an app from My Team but can’t. Here’s a screenshot…


Here’s another one I can’t delete. Thinking that someone will need to contact Glide developers to allow punctuation to be used with this confirmation system they’ve set up. Seems like that’s what is tripping up the deletion process. @JackVaughan @david


I could see the single quote causing an issue, as it’s a special character to delineate text in a lot of code platforms, and usually needs to be escaped if it needs to be recognized as text. As for the second app, I’m not sure about the @ symbol, but it seems that there is an extra space character in there that you are missing in the text box (possibly a carriage return in the first app too).

In either case, I usually copy and paste the text verbatim, instead of typing it, when deleting an app. If that still doesn’t work, you could rename the app before deleting it.

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Ahhh, great point @Jeff_Hager. Renaming it did the trick. Thanks.

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@JackVaughan @david the other weird thing that is happening is that every time I add a New Team, it puts a Glide Pages app in there named Tutorial with all of this weird, random gobbly-gook. What is causing this? It looks like spam. Again, this happens EVERY TIME I add a new team.

I created a separate post for this issue, linked here.

Another screenshot of what you see when you click on that lady’s face.

It looks like your app name has a newline in it.


Your other app has trailing whitespace – Twitter Copy of PE @ Home__

You must exactly match the app name when deleting. You can, for example, include the whitespace or fix your app’s name first.


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