Random Spam Glide Pages App Added When Creating New Teams

I had mentioned this in an unrelated post, but wanted to post it here, in it’s own separate post. Glide keeps adding a random Pages app titled Tutorial which contains lots of random text and gobbly-gook in it. Here’s what it looks like when I click on it…

@JackVaughan @david @Mark I think I’ve narrowed down the issue. Watch this screencast. Glide automatically creates a spam Glide Pages app ONLY when creating a new team and selecting 51-200 employees. It does not create a spam Glide Pages app when I select 1-50 employees, or any of the other options, EXCEPT when selecting the 51-200 employees option.

And here’s what displays when I click on the lady’s face…

It is not spam – this was supposed to be a new tutorial project to help you learn Glide, but it got corrupted. We will fix.


Ok thanks.

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