Can't change the view of inline list. Urgent attention needed

Just saw this. Is it something new? I can’t seem to change the view of my inline list here.

I am seeing that we can’t change the view of Inline lists coming from relations.

@Mark @SantiagoPerez Seems like a huge bug that needs attention asap.


Working on an app tonight and having the same issue. Definitely needs attention. Have you reported it to support?

I use an inline list with tiles to show tags for a listing and have been able to copy/paste another list with tiles to make it work but it’s just a temp workaround.


I was on a free plan, so I thought posting on community would fet more attention.

I will submit a ticket as well.

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Hey @Hassan_Nadeem or @kabookie

Could either of you share a support link?

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Sent in DM.

Messaged the link to you as well as two screenshots. Thx

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I can see the issue has been fixed. Thanks, @SantiagoPerez .


Thank you @SantiagoPerez - mine looks like it should as well!


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