Can't access to Glide

Hey there,

I tried all to access glide with a google Account but i still get this error.

Which plan are you on? Would you consider that a personal or business email address?

I still do not have any paid plan. I am just testing it

I granted access but it is still not working

Free and Maker plans only allow personal user emails to sign in.


Thanks for your answer.
Wtf okay that is weird. I am happy that i not bought a plan, then I will use Flutterflow

I tried your email in the validator and it did not pass as a personal email.

Is it possible to login without an E-Mail?

How would that work? What would you sign in with?

With an username and password :smiley:

No, Glide doesn’t support it.


So there is no way to use my software with business E-Mails?
I am building a client portal with just 3 Users. 100€ a month is a lot for this usecase

The E-Mails are not from big businesses, from freelancers with a google workspace…

If you want to pay less than our Team plan, your users will have to sign in with personal emails. That’s the tradeoff!