Can you help me give my accurate skill level in Glide, pls?

Hi all!
I’m updating my resume for Product Manager profile, and I can’t rate my skills with Glide without mixed feelings
My skills are far beyond those of my fellow students (non tech at all), but far from being operational as consultant as I barely work on it, so, I tend to rate myself a mere 20 % (and I still find this is overrated), even if compared to students I’m above 75 %.

Can you please give me your honest rating from what you know of me so far? I don’t want to be ridiculous with a too high rating.
It’s better to have a market relatable level, I not yet No coder Material, so really, just drop the fair value.
Thks a lot :cherry_blossom:


ok, so, your silence implies: not even close to 20 %

10 % ?

I’m sorry, perhaps many have not seen what you did with Glide, and perhaps those who have seen do not feel able to judge you for many reasons.
I would suggest you publish some of your works in this post, maybe someone then exposes himself with a judgment.
Personally I don’t think you have a very low rating: you have been here for months, you have been asking intelligent questions and have made coherent interventions.
A judgment, however, I feel like to give you is about your enthusiasm: 100%.
Enthusiastic peoples get more results, the passion for doing things doesn’t make you work hard and allows you to reach your goals with an edge. This has certainly been for your past apps and it will certainly be for future ones as well.
Good luck dear and sorry if I can’t be accurate as you ask.


Thks so much, Roldy. Sorry for my silence.
Daddy is intubated since thursday: severe COVID. 79 y old. Ashma & Diabete… Despite his complete vaccine cycle (2 for elderly people), but too late. Lungs still caught.

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I am very sorry for your dad and I sincerely hope he gets through this bad time. I have an old parent too, and I know what all this means.
Forget my words, no need to apologize, take care of your father.
I wish you all the best

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there is no way to give someone a rating for Glide skills… it would be a very complicated process.
you can try to make your own rating based on:
knowing and using:

  1. Glide elements
  2. Glide logic columns
  3. Glide relations
  4. GS formulas
  5. GS scripts
  6. CSS for rich-text
  7. webhooks
  8. and problem-solving + workarounds

as you see, there are so many factors to consider to rate anybody, without diving deep into that person achievements… that would take many hours of work