Can we pass a hidden special value through a form submission?

I know Glide lets users directly edit record data, but we want to create a workflow so users can request record data updates that we internally ticket and complete. I searched the forum but didn’t find anything related to this topic.

Here’s the use case: In our Maricopa Healthy app, we want to allow users to submit errors or omissions to the records they’re actively viewing using the Form component. But, we would like the form to passively pass along in the submission a unique identifier from our sheet so we can match the request up with the correct record in database.

Here’s an example: A user visits the Parks section of our app (Home > Parks > 95th Avenue Park) to find an park close to their home. When visiting the park, they discover it has a playground which isn’t listed under the Main Features section of the record in the app. They scroll down to the bottom of the record and tap the Update this Record button where they’re asked to provide their name, etc. and describe what needs to be updated. Instead of asking them to manually enter the name of the park, how can we place a hidden field in the form that is auto-populated with the record’s ID column content from our sheet?

This would allow us to easily match up the record update request with the correct record in our database without the user needing to provide this information. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Yes, forms already work this way. You can pass hidden values from the current page. Those values are available when you add to the form.

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I appreciate the quick feedback. I thought I had to use a Special Value component to achieve this, but after some trial and error I discovered the Columns pulled in the data I specified without displaying in the form. I should have known better that Glide would already have this solved but do appreciate the heads up. :+1: Thx!

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