Placing a Hidden value in a Form?

in my app pilots would select and open one of six forms to submit post flight data.

The form would be selected based on the mission flown (e.g., tour, training, ferry).

In each of the discrete forms, I would like to “hard code” a value corresponding to the form type (and this the mission), so that merely submitting (for example) a “Tour” form would log a value of TOUR in a column in the sheet title mission type - the pilot would not need to type in or select that value.

Is this feasible?

Thanks in Advance!

This is indeed feasible and I have done it many times recently. Say you want to pass value “A” to Col1 then make a text entry pointing to Col1, with default value A, then visibility is Col1 is empty, so that it will always be hidden.



Thanks for the reply!

I might be coming back to you with more questions . . . .

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Feel free to do so Keith.