Can we have BigQuery in "Business" offer?

I have not yet made the step towards the “Business” offer, I found that the changes between the PRO and Business offer were not significant enough in view of the price difference. On the other hand, if we could have access to BigQuery with the Business offer it would make it so much more attractive, small companies like we, can not afford to pay such a high offer to have in itself a real data storage system like bigquery.

Think about it! Note that you will gain at least 1 Business client if you activate BigQuery on this option :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @Carter you still have to pay for BigQuery. We allow you to connect to your existing BigQuery database and interact with it. Would you still upgrade to Business in this case?

Yes without a doubt, because it would allow us to have more advanced solutions for the data of our apps.

Cool! We’re discussing this as a possibility. Do you already know how to use BigQuery? Do you have existing data in there already?

Right now, our BigQuery integration is read-only. You’re not able to write back to it.

No, we were just thinking about a secure method for our customers data (linked to insurance), so we were off to maybe switch to Google Cloud via Firebase. In any case, as we are developing our CRM via Glide Page, we will also need the ability to write on BigQuery.

So is that mean for now, people wanted to make’s app with BigQuery only can do it if they allready have a backend connected to their BigQuery im a right ?

Yes, you will need to have an existing BigQuery database.

At the moment, these tend to be larger customers with an existing data warehouse in BigQuery. They are accessing historical records, primarily. They use webhooks to write back into BigQuery.

You mentioned security – is that the main reason you are interested, or are there other reasons?

Yes, security is the most important choice for us, moreover we would like to have the possibility of automating daily backups of customer data.

RE: Backups if you are using a Google Sheet I would suggest using this simple app script from @Jeff_Hager

Set trigger to Daily

function makeCopy() {

// generates the timestamp and stores in variable formattedDate as year-month-date hour-minute-second
var formattedDate = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), "GMT", "yyyy-MM-dd' 'HH:mm:ss");

// gets the name of the original file and appends the word "copy" followed by the timestamp stored in formattedDate
var name = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getName() + " Backup " + formattedDate;

// gets the destination folder by their ID. REPLACE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your folder's ID that you can get by opening the folder in Google Drive and checking the URL in the browser's address bar
var destination = DriveApp.getFolderById("xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");

// gets the current Google Sheet file
var file = DriveApp.getFileById(SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getId())

// makes copy of "file" with "name" at the "destination"
file.makeCopy(name, destination);

@Carter which data source are you currently using? Why is it less secure than BigQuery?

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Hey Carter,

Sharing my 2 cents here.

As per my experience with BQ if you are willing to have such database which I consider a very powerful one, there are a lot of hard code you will need to run on your BQ instance as there are some functions won’t be available for Glide to run due to the Huge data that might be retrieved so there is a learning curve such as joined text and rollups and all of these have way to achieve in BQ.

Keep in mind you will need to do your math properly in terms of running your queries, webhooks and DML Language costing as these are different factors in different areas and different cost structure as each Insert,Update,Delete will be via webhooks only for the time-being.

Hey Yasin, thanks for your expertise, of course if we switch into a such a big instance, we need to be prepare and for sure the switch gonna take time.

@Ian For the moment we use Glide table, when I talk about security it’s not why how the data is stored or processed, but more in the fact that via glide we do not control any data, they are hosted by you and no automated backup possible. So the potential thousands of customer data that we are going to host are in a hypothetical world where everything is fine, but we as start-ups need certainty, and for that we need data control. If one day Glide crashes (even if I very seriously think that it will never happen, because it’s a superb company), well, if it should happen, we wouldn’t be affected by that, or little.

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On the business package you get access to the Advanced Read API that will give you a full dump of all your table.

We use google sheets and run a daily macro, also GS keeps a revision history, so it can actually track every single change if need be.

I am totally on the same page with you regarding control of the data, many of our customers request it.


Do you know what they’re using for webhooks?

@Peter_Berumen just our built in webhook.