Who have the best tips for backups?

Hello, i would to know how all of you do your database backups with Glide table.

BigQuery looks so interesting to me but I find it unfortunate that it is not in the basic enterprise offer (249/mo).

I think that with Google Sheet or Airtable there are also backup solutions.

But I did not find an optimized and above all automated way of making data backups if I used Glide table.

If Glide users have solutions I’m interested!

Do you only need data backups or do you need app backups?

If it’s only database backups, and it’s Glide Tables, I don’t know of an automatic way to do it. For some projects, I duplicate the latest version whenever I make new updates.

Yes i need only for DATA Backups, for app backups i can save template. And yes for now i use Glide Table, that’s why i’m thinking about another database source.

I imagine the only way is going to the business tier, query out all rows and save it to an external source (say Google Sheets).