Data Backup

“What is the best way to back up our data on Glide? Our major data is on Glide Tables, while some tables are on Google Sheets. I want an automatic approach to back up all of our data. I am aware of the Export option, but that’s not a good approach. For instance, if I have more than 15 tables, I will have to manually export each table one by one. I’m not sure if the number of tables will increase, and this is not an efficient solution for me. What’s a better option than this manual CSV method?”

If you have access to the query API, you can do a time-based action to export your data using an external option like (though computed columns can not be accessed through this method).

Another option is using an extra completely public app (which you duplicate from the original app to keep all computed columns), configure buttons to export CSVs, and save those CSVs somewhere. Use an automation option like Automa to automate the click of those buttons on a schedule.


can you elaborate more about it like what io have to do in glide and what I have to select in make, com, like can you explain a bit of workflow required for this?