🆕 BigQuery + Business plan free trial

Hey Gliders!

2022 ended on a high note and we kept the momentum going into the new year.

We have a couple updates to share with you already, and they happen to go hand-in-hand:

Update 1: BigQuery as a data source🔎

If your data warehouse is managed in Google’s BigQuery, Glide just got a lot better. Now you can add BigQuery as a data source to your Glide projects, enabling you to create more robust Pages than ever. BigQuery tables are a feature that will only be available on our Business and Enterprise plans.

Update 2: Free Trial for Business Plans :briefcase:

Since we provide users with an entirely free plan (with considerable limits), we’ve never entertained the idea of a free trial—until now. Since BigQuery will only be available on our Business plan, we want you to experience its potential firsthand before making a commitment.

That’s why as of today, we’re offering a free 14-day trial on our Business plan. :partying_face:

If you’re on Free, Starter, or Pro plans, you can simply upgrade for free to Business for 14 days. You can downgrade back to your current plan at any time.

Trialing our Business plan comes with more than just access to BigQuery, by the way.

Business plans also get:

  • 25 editors
  • 5 white-labelled projects
  • 1,000 public users
  • 100 private users
  • 1TB file storage
  • CSS for Pages
  • iFrame embedding
  • Offline editing

Piqued your interest? To claim your free 14-day trial Business plan, just click the ‘upgrade’ button when you’re logged in, pick the Business plan, and run with it!

Login and upgrade →

Have any questions? Drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

Glide on! :zap:


That’s great, i can try Business Plan ! I’m pretty sure there won’t be a way back hehe…

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I really regrett trying it out. I was on a Starter Plan and did the trial. Then I wanted to end the trial and hence hit the “End Trial” button. I suddenly was on the free tier and my apps stopped working. They are customer facing, so that’s really bad. I tried to book the Starter Plan again but it didn’t work (timed out, no error) although I meet all the limits (I was on Starter before). Now I had to book the “Pro” plan. I feel cheated and really regret hitting " free 14-day trial on our Business plan".


Update: ofc I submitted a support ticket and they said sorry for the inconvenience and that I will be put back on the Starter Plan. However I’m not on the Start plan but instead was pushed out into the free plan again. No my cusomter facing apps don’t work anymore (sub domains are not resolves, row limits). I asked again to fix it. I feel helpless.

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Glide should focus on fixing all the bugs before adding new features. They will get to the point that the system is too complex to catch errors… I have a feeling that they have already passed that point… that’s why there are so many serious bugs that aren’t fixed for months.

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