Refresh data from bigquery

Is there a way to refresh the data from BigQuery automatically with the same query?

@SantiagoPerez can you help with this question? Thank you.

Can you explain again exactly by an example in order yo help?

Umm… For example, as I understand if we are using BigQuery as a data source, we are creating a query and saving a copy of the data in Glide. Any update to the data only happens in Glide. However, any update to the Bigquery dataset, as I understand, will not change the data in Glide, and I will have to manually re-query.

I’m looking for ways where I can automate the process.

I don’t have experience with this, but I think it would be a weird integration if your updates to BigQuery don’t transfer to Glide. And should it also be a 2-way sync?

Got you,

Well this won’t be easy, and the only way is to do a refresh to have the data appear as the to add data it has to be done via make or a 3rd party automation such as zapier or n8n

The issue is the update is not realtime in Big Data sets it has to be reloaded with every refresh or attaching a reload query action to do so while doing an back action or a certian action, and sometimes in my cases I added a refresh button for the users to refresh in order to see changes as Glide is using Firebase for realtime sync how ever bigquery and bigtables are not as they are storing huge data sets and glide only asks the DB to get only a certain data to view


I have also not worked with BigQuery as a data source in Glide, if you can share some screenshots regarding how a SQL query is constructed and fired from Glide, it would help us a lot.

If there is a way to insert/use a dummy parameter in Glide’s configuration, we could use this hack while Glide launches a native tool for it.