HELP ! Big Table data not syncing

I am using the same big table in the 2 apps and was testing the data synchronization but it is kind of mixed , data is not syncing automatically or you can say not showing me and when i reload data or refresh the glide tab , it shows me the data . Kind of confused as data is syncing but i have to refresh / reload data again and that’s not anyone wants as auto sync means it will show me the data without me refreshing it again and again .

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I wasn’t aware of it that we have to refresh to show data in real time in big table, so any way to do that refresh like data should be refreshed automatically on the user screen without him refreshing the page, also it was just static columns, just to make it clear that even static columns also not get synchronized in the real time, is that the case?

There is a big difference between Normal Tables and Big Table.

Normal Tables are loaded completely on the users device and accessed locally. The local copy is then synchronized with Glide’s copy as necessary.

Big tables are different as they are Not completely loaded on the user’s device. Instead, most of the data lives on the Glide servers, and only the data that is visible on the screen is loaded sent to the user device. Every time a user pages through the data or reloads the screen, then a separate query is ran on Glide servers to get the new or updated set of data.

It’s a different way of accessing the data. I’m not sure if it’s a true technical limitation that causes it to be that way, but that’s the way Big Tables work today. I think data in Normal Tables is just there and always accessible, while data in Big Tables requires an extra step to query specific data whenever it’s needed. If you are familiar with SQL, then you will be familiar with the need to run the query every time you need to request new or updated data. What’s visible after an SQL query has ran doesn’t mean that the data is current. I would assume that Big Tables are very similar in that respect.

Sorry, I don’t have any good suggestions to force the data to automatically refresh. Maybe someone else has an idea.


We expect to enable real-time support in Big Tables next year.

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Thanks for sharing.

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well , am aware that exact date/time will be specified later but may be you provide expected month when it will be available.

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